Good is short

Some time ago I pinched a free card from somewhere. It has a pie chart with 2 sectors in 50:1 (in favour of bad) and the inscription Good is short.

So as good has been set the last weeks (months?), yurush the olives! Caught up since the 10 days at sea for July, things spilled over into a time-blurred work week where I didn’t get any real work done until Friday. Then I had to trip to St. Zagora in order to take aerial photos of a shopping mall under construction there, which in turn spilled over into processing footage over the ui-weekend. A similar trip happened on Monday, but to Varna (4:00 departure from Sofia, 23:30 arrival back in Sofia after a full day of shooting). We managed to pass through the Pobiti Kamani – a magical place that looks like a seabed but on land. It’s indescribable in words, and the photos didn’t help much, despite the beautiful lighting (sunset with blissful clouds).

The next weekend we did a sea shot for two reasons: first, because the sea is awesome in general and second, Coco had a birthday and depression, so the goal was to highlight one and cross out the other, sort of. It became, I would even say hit the ceiling experience.

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The other day we headed in the direction of Beglika for our first kayaking trip. I didn’t expect that paddling 3-4 hours in a dam could be so cool! The physical exertion is very invigorating without being a wreck, and the sensation of moving and watching the pines fly by on the side of the boat is slightly dizzying. And you can always jizz around in the lake if you get overheated and don’t feel like drinking any more iced beers or mints and tonics. As a parting gift, a bag of fresh thyme, buttercups, wild strawberries, blueberries and a bouquet of wildflowers. Nature rocks.

Needless to say, we’re hitting Lozenets next weekend for the NOHA concert? After which we’ll be anchoring a long rope along the southern Black Sea coast and so on for at least 4-5 days until it’s time for the Beglika + Karandila band fest on Saturday. Or something else, whatever!

Good is short, so enjoy it.

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